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Our International Arbitration Legal Services


The arbitration can be judged by certain person specially invested for this matter, if agreed upon through an arbitration convention. The appointed arbitrator will issue a decision which will be final and obligatory for the parties. The arbitration convention can be concluded either through a clause inserted in the main contract, named "clause of compromise" in the Romanian Law, or through a independent agreement. The arbitration convention stipulates that any litigations arising from the respective contract would be judged through arbitration, mentioning the name of the arbitrators or their method of appointment. If this information is not mentioned than the arbitrators are to be appointed per specific regulations. In case of arbitration litigation, the plaintiff is obliged to establish the value of the claim, even in the cases where he/she does not have monetary claims. In the case where this value is not correctly estimated then the Court of Arbitration will establish this amount on the basis of existing documents. Court taxes of the Arbitration Court are higher than normal Courts however this procedure does insure other advantages, such as quicker procedures and issuance of judgments.

Anton Legal Expert LP advises and represents clients anywhere in the world on the entire spectrum of the international arbitration process, including early case assessment and definition of arbitration strategies, pre-dispute negotiations, selection of arbitrators, the filing and conduct of arbitration proceedings, advocacy at arbitration hearings, the discovery process, and the confirmation, challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards. Other legal services relating to international arbitration include the filing or defense of applications for interim measures before national courts, such as injunctions, attachments and orders to preserve evidence. Our law firm works closely with local counsel, witnesses, experts (such as forensic accountants, damages experts and industry experts), and other outside vendors such as e-discovery and litigation support services, on an as-needed basis.

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