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ANTON LEGAL EXPERT LP located in US and Bucharest providing legal assistance to foreign investors in Romania in the areas of commercial law & litigation, real estate law, company setup or debt collection. Most of our clientele is formed of investors setting up Romanian companies or doing business with Romanian partners. Our Romanian Lawyers have been active on the Romanian market for over 10 years..

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If you're searching for the services of a lawyer or mediator in Romania you need to know that this profession is considered by the law that regulates its activity an independent profession, autonomous, with its own organization in accordance with the law and professional status of a Romanian attorney and mediation.

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ANTON LEGAL EXPERT LP is dedicated to helping people find new ways of resolving disputes. She offers insight, practicality and seasoned judgment that derive from an extensive background as a trial attorney in a variety of complex civil law matters.


Legal Services

Call us. Meet with us. Get to know our attorneys and dedicated staff. You will see firsthand what sets us apart, what makes us different.


Mediator Services

Facilitated by a neutral professional, mediation is a process, through which the parties are given an opportunity to evaluate in confidence the realistic options for resolution.


Arbitration Services

The Firm also provides arbitration services.The fee charged for arbitration services will be based on the size of the case, complexity of the legal issues, number of parties and location of the services being provided.


Franchise services

Anton Legal Expert LP, limits its practice to helping franchisees and dealers preserve and enhance the value of their businesses as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

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