Mediation Session


What is mediation?

A mediator ought to offer an initial consultation at no charge to explain the mediation process, to help people decide if mediation is right for them, and to decide if they feel comfortable with the skills of that particular mediator.

Instead of hiding behind lawyers in a mutually destructive-and expensive-contest beyond one's ability to control, people in mediation become able to talk with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse and remain in control of their lives, their children and their money.

Mediators can make suggestions and proposals, but all decisions are made by you and your partner. The standard rules for mediation will apply in all cases. As a reminder to litigants, these rules will be provided before each mediation. An attorney or representative from each party will be asked to sign an agreement to be bound by these rules. Mediation: try it; you might like it.

In addition to the standard rules, keep in mind the following:

Every named party is expected to attend; Any organization or governmental entity may send a representative; Insured individuals should attend, when possible, and must attend if the insured is required to consent to any agreement or otherwise has control over settlement; Any insured who may be exposed to damages in excess of policy limits must attend and must be advised of whatever potential conflicts of interest may be inherent in attorney/ client relationships of an insured party; Intervenors must be present, by person and/or counsel, or a representative that has full authority to resolve the case unless other arrangements are made. Intervenors will be charged for the mediation, unless other arrangements are made. Generally, the case cannot be resolved unless the intervenor participates.

What We Can Do For You

We provide world class mediation and dispute resolution services.We can provide you with fast, effective and confidential dispute resolution and mediation services that you can trust. We will help you resolve your dispute in a manner that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you got your dispute resolved privately, in less time and for less money than litigation and with a better result. We will help you obtain a resolution that you can have confidence in, instead of the random dictates of the judicial system imposing its will upon you which you can only try to live with.


Anton Legal Expert LP provides mediation services to private parties in connection with disputes or litigation arising from commercial transactions. In keeping with the fundamental objective of mediation, the Firm's services are geared to facilitating resolutions by the parties themselves so as to avoid protracted and expensive litigation and arbitration. Our mediation services group is headed by Mr.Anton Constantin

Family Law Divorce

Custody, Property, Marital Mediation.

Advantages of divorcing with the help of a mediator:

you proceed at your pace; you get all the information you need; you decide what outside professionals you need; you decide what is best for your children; you save money; you avoid a great deal of anxiety and worry;

"It is your divorce; it's your family; it's your future." Mediation works better than litigation. It reduces hostility and resentments; It eliminates court time and continuances; You do not pay for services you do not need or want


The mediators and negotiators that are part of the Anton Legal Expert LP can successfully solve business litigations:

- conflicts between companies

- with business partners

- conflicts with clients, before they get to court

- conflicts with public institutions


- conflicts between employees

-conflicts between subordinates and management

-conflicts between employees and employers


The severance of some contracts can as well be mediated, the negotiation of property rights or some aspects, the renegotiation of a partnership agreement.

Can courts compel the use of ADR?

Commercial disputes involving monetary claims can only be brought before the court after mediation or the mandatory conciliation procedure. Non-compliance with this requirement may lead to the dismissal of the claim as inadmissible. If the parties did not attempt mediation before the initiation of the lawsuit, the court can recommend parties resort to mediation and can also request the parties to participate in a meeting where a mediator would inform the parties of the advantages of mediation.


The Council of Europe adopted in 1999 one important legal instrument in order to stress the utility of the mediation in criminal matters. The Romanian legislator adopted in 2006 the Law no. 192 as the first regulation dedicated to the mediation field. According to the first article of this law, the mediation represents a form of solving the conflicts consensually, with the help of a third person specialized as a mediator, with respect or neutrality, impartiality, confidentiality and with the free will of the involved parties. In this law, the Chapter VI includes special provisions on conflict mediation, and, in its second section, the special rules on mediation in penal cases.

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