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Practice Areas

Recourse to the law is often a last resort to our private clients. We aim to provide responsive, reliable and swift service at what can be a stressful time, whether the problem is family-related or an employment matter. Whatever the problem you will be safe in our hands.

Accident and personal injury | Matrimonial and family | Wrongful dismissal and other work related matters | Negligence | Nuisance | Inheritance, trusts and investments | Wills and probate, winding up and estate distribution | Immigration and residency matters | Medical malpractice | Residential conveyancing | Property lettings | Landlord and tennant

Whether you are a private individual or a company, we will work with you to protect your interests, interpreting and advising on the law as it applies to you and pleading your case in Court if necessary.

Issuing or defending proceedings in the High court or Magistrate's Court | Employment issues, including representation at severance tribunals | Arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution | Credit control and debt recovery | Injunctions | Challenging trademark copyright and patent infringements | Contract disputes | Maritime/Shipping Law |

Aware of the changing nature of business, we offer our clients a holistic service in handling their legal and financial requirements, ensuring that no matter how diverse their needs, we are able to respond. Indeed, for the past 14 years, we have represented two major international banks and their financial corporations in Barbados, with advice ranging from drafting security documentation (Bills of Sale, Promissory Notes, Chattel Mortgages, Legal Mortgages, Debentures etc.) right through to delinquent collection and enforcement of arrears through the High Court.

Share Transfers Shareholder agreements and debentures | Incorporations and setting up of new business ventures, including joint ventures | Company acquisitions and/or reorganisations, mergers and amalgamations | Franchises | Distributor Agreements | Taxation and financial restructuring | Information Technology law | Insurance law | Employment law

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

Anton Legal Expert LP office can help you get the right type of protection for your creation or invention

Sometimes an idea is the most precious thing you own. Anton Legal Expert LP can help you to protect this idea and put it to work, whether you're a private individual or a large company.

International representation in North America, Europe,Brazil Australia, and several other countries.| Members of the International Trademark Association. | Associated with 16 Caribbean Territiories for Trademark and patent registration and copyright protection. | Advisors to international copyright agencies.

In this 21st Century the smooth transition of knowledge and information transfer has become critical. Parallel to this is the comprehensive protection of innovation and new ideas which is at the very core of business and commerce. Comprehensive protection and management requires professional skill coupled with a knowledge of the laws of intellectual property."

We file, handle and prosecute trade mark applications to grant. We handle maintenance and renewals, assignments, licensing, cancellation, filing of oppositions and counterfeit issues. We represent large multinational companies, who are the industry leaders in various business sectors, as well as local domestic companies. We have protected and registered trade marks for goods imported into Barbados such as wines and leather goods from France, perfumes from Italy, motor vehicles out of Japan and Korea, vodka from Poland, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and beer from the U.S.A. Anton Legal Expert LP assists you in leveraging the full potential of all your intellectual property rights. We have provided advice in sectors including electronics, computer technology, information technology, e-commerce and pharmaceuticals.

International Business

Increasingly, business is becoming global. We can assist our clients in preparing for and operating within this international forum.

Formation of International business companies, foreign sales corporations, exempt insurance companies and external companies.

Tax planning.

Corporate opinions.

Commercial Property

For individuals and companies alike, property can be the largest capital investment it's possible to make. Anton Legal Expert LP will help you ensure that the process is as painless and foolproof as possible by offering a variety of appropriate services.

- Sale and purchase of commercial properties and leases for all types of business use.

- Financing commercial property transactions.

- Drafting leases and negotiating renewals.

- Variation, surrender and assignment of leases.

- Compulsory land acquisitions.

- Building contracts and development projects.

Penal Law

Anton Legal Expert LP holds in-depth expertise in special penal law. Every lawyer / attorney in the network of Anton Legal Expert LP can claim solid expertise and recognised experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, guaranteeing the quality of the service provide

Following sub-segments of penal law:

Disciplinary law

Offence assistance

Offences and crimes

Preparation of proceedings

24-hour detention

Traffic offences - driving licence points

Meanwhile Anton Legal Expert LP can assure its excellence through out its pricing rate which usually 30 to 40% less than others. Moreover the top quality of legal advices and legal assistance presented.

Consumer Law

Anton Legal Expert LP holds in-depth expertise in consumer law: Every lawyer / attorney in the network of Anton Legal Expert LP can claim solid expertise and recognised experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.

Following sub-segments of consumer law:

Promotion of sales (prize draws/lotteries, sales with bonuses, announcements of price reductions, loyalty programs, specific regulations applicable to the banking sectors, alcoholic drinks and tobacco)

Advertising regulations (misleading publicity, comparative publicity, prior authorisation of advertisements)

Fraud regulations (product labelling, metrological checks, swindling) and specific regulations (dangerous products, nutritional claims)

Consumer information regulations (display of prices and information on products or services, issue of consumer reports)

Regulations on abusive clauses

Regulations on distance sales

Miscellaneous regulations (abuse of weakness, tie-in sales, forced sales or dispatches, sales, liquidation)

Anton Legal Expert LP is constantly seeking to ensure excellence, the only acceptable standard for each lawyer and each attorney in our network; hence Anton Legal Expert LP can guarantee that its services match the requirements of its customers and respects values which make a difference. Anton Legal Expert LP considers itself as a true partner of its customers, putting the expertise of the lawyers and attorneys in our network at their disposal.

Penal Business Law

Anton Legal Expert LP holds in-depth expertise in penal business law. Every lawyer / attorney in the network of Anton Legal Expert LP can claim solid expertise and recognised experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.

Following sub -segments of business penal law:

Criminal liability of individuals and companies

Abuse of corporate assets

Fraud using corporate assets


Insider trading

Information fraud

Tax fraud

You will love us for loving what we do

Anton Legal Expert LP Firm represents individuals, families and businesses on a contingency fee basis. This means we only get paid if you do.If you choose to contact our firm, you will not be charged for your legal consultation. Should we decide to pursue your claim, you still owe nothing. We only collect a fee if you collect a settlement or a verdict.The contingency fee model applies to the majority of the cases we handle. However, there are occasions when an alternative fee structure may be established with a businesses client . Every case and client are unique. For more information about how our contingency fee structure relates to your specific situation, please contact one of our attorneys today.d.

Law Firm provides turnkey solutions to businesses from incorporation to liquidation, always keeping in mind that what clients need is not lawyers who just know the law and advise them on what they cannot do, but rather lawyers with high legal skills who understand their business vision and assist them materializing their objectives in a secure, effective and sustainable way.Our lawyers are developing litigation strategies based on gained valuable practical knowledge acquired from dealing with a large variety of cases. Our team is able to represent clients in front of any legal Court in Bucharest, at any level of jurisdiction, inside the country and abroad.

Expert in Franchise Law. Anton Legal Expert LP lawyers are proven leaders in domestic and international franchising. We know how to balance the legitimate business objectives and economic expectations of all parties in franchise and distribution relationships. Franchisor and supplier relationships with their franchisees and distributors are regulated more intensely and in more complex, far-reaching ways than just about any other commercial interaction.We represent companies of all sizes and in diverse industries, and have the industry insight to help them decide to establish new franchise, licensing and distribution programs around the world.

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